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2017 Free Agent Preview (CAL to DAL)

As the 2016-17 NHL season concludes and NHL fans prepare for the opening of free agency Money Puck Systems wants to take the opportunity to review the most important free agents for each franchise and give fans our best guess as to what these players are worth and what they will actually get (obviously not the same thing all the time!).

Calgary Flames

Although it would be tough to top the drama of last year’s offseason this year does have some notable names up for free agency for the Calgary Flames. Let’s start with the widely criticized Dennis Wideman, while he’s the subject of much scrutiny the coaching staff for the Flames still threw him out for a pretty healthy chunk of minutes and he puts up points at a reasonable level for a defencemen so despite everything else the salary calculator actually puts him at about $4.3 million/season. Given the negativity around the player though we’re expecting a 1 year deal at a much more modest number like $3 million. Next let’s talk about Kris Versteeg. Versteeg was an excellent late addition for the Flames last year and a definite bargain. He produced roughly $4 million in value last year on a contract of only $950,000. We’re expecting a raise for Versteeg this year as the salary cap is a little looser but he’s still likely to be underpaid.

Next up we are taking a look at Sam Bennett. Although he’s still young the Flames must be a little disappointed in the points for Bennett last season and the lack of points means we’ve only got Bennett at a value of $3.4 million. Given his RFA status we’d bet he gets a little less than this still which has to be tough for a 4th overall pick to swallow. Lastly we’ve got Michael Stone, he played a fair number of minutes with the Coyotes and although he was closer to the 3rd pairing with the Flames those minutes command value and he comes in at around $4 million/year because of it. Furthermore, as he’s coming off a $4 million/year deal we expect someone will sign him again at close to that number.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Dennis Wideman $4.3M $3.0M 1 year
Kris Versteeg $4.0M $2.5M 2 years
Sam Bennett $3.4M $2.8M 3 years
Michael Stone $4.0M $4.0M 3 years

Chicago Blackhawks

After a surprising early exit from this year’s playoffs there are probably a lot of questions being asked in Chicago this summer. They obviously did something about it with the trades last week but when it comes to free agents there aren’t a lot of internal expiries to tinker with this time around. So, let’s talk about the couple that do exist, Oduya and Campbell. This pair of veteran defenders aren’t exactly sexy but they get the job done. For Oduya that means he plays enough minutes to command a $3 million/year value and for Campbell he was worth ~$2.5 million last year. Should they decide to keep playing we would bet they get close to their value but probably end up a little bit underpaid.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Johnny Oduya $3.0M $2.7M 1 year
Brian Campbell $2.5M $2.0M 1 year

Columbus Bluejackets

After a breakout season last year it should be interesting to see how the Bluejackets deal with a few of their upcoming free agents. Most importantly Columbus needs to resign Alex Wennberg who picked up 59 points last year at the tender age of 22. Based on his last year we’ve got a value of $5.4 million/year assuming he signs a 4 year deal. Given that he’s still an RFA we expect Columbus will play hard ball with the youngster however and get him for something under $5 million. Although a little older than Wennberg, Kyle Quincey is also a free agent this summer and will likely cost more than the $1.25 million in cap space he did last season. We’ve got Quincey at a value of $3.6 million/season (based on last year’s numbers) but given his age we expect someone is more likely to give him something like $3.0 million. Lastly, we’ve got the curious case of Sam Gagner. After struggling to find a home after leaving the Oilers it looks like Gagner finally found his place as a power play specialist and bottom six forward with the Bluejackets. This allowed him to break 50 points for the first time in his career and means he’s worth about $3.3 million per season. Given his history we’re betting he takes a discount somewhere but it’ll still result in a big raise from his $650K last season!

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Alexander Wennberg $5.4M $4.5M 4 years
Kyle Quincey $3.6M $3.0M 1 year
Sam Gagner $3.3M $2.5M 2 years

Colorado Avalanche

After a season I’m guessing everyone wants to forget there aren’t a whole lot of significant free agents expiring for the lowly Avalanche. That said, we’ll go through a few of them anyway starting with Sven Andrighetto. After mixing it up between the NHL and AHL, Andrighetto seemed to have found some scoring touch with the Avalanche. If he keeps it up he’ll be worth a ton but averaging it all out we have him worth ~$3.2 million/season. Given his history though we’d bet on something a lot lower until he proves himself. A former first round pick, Nikita Zadorov, is also a restricted free agent at the end of the summer but despite his pedigree he hasn’t exactly racked up the TOI making him worth about $2.7 million/season at this point. However, based on the fact he’s an RFA and not a UFA though he’ll probably have to sign for less than that.
Next we have the 33 year old, Fedor Tyutin. Tyutin was eating up $2.0 million in cap space last year while providing $2.7 million in value. Our guess is he’s still a bargain this summer but not quite as much with the extra cap space around the league. Lastly, we have Mikhail Grigorenko. As another RFA he’s probably going to take a discount to his market value of $2.7 million and particularly because his point totals aren’t big enough to attract much in the way of outside attention.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Sven Andrighetto $3.2M $1.8M 2 years
Nikita Zadorov $2.7M $2.0M 2 years
Fedor Tyutin $2.7M $2.5M 2 years
Mikhail Grigorenko $2.7M $1.5M 2 years

Dallas Stars

Dallas should have an interesting offseason this year with a few veteran free agents coming due. Near the top of that list must be Patrick Sharp who has traditionally put up a ton of points in the league and although he’s 35 we’d bet someone will pay him to see if he can do it again. At the moment however we’ve got Sharp worth $3.8 million/season (which assumes he scores at the rate of last season) which is a healthy drop from the $5.9 million he was costing before. That said, we’d guess someone gives Sharp something near $4 million. Another veteran who it certainly feels like is older than 33…is Ales Hemsky. Hemsky is coming off his last contract which paid $4 million/season and we’ve got his value dropping a little to $3.5 million. Given the name recognition and potential for depth scoring we are guessing he gets almost exactly what he’s worth.
The last veteran we’ll talk about here is Jiri Hudler. Like the others Hudler has a history of putting up points and despite the fact that he played very little last year his scoring rates still suggest a guy who should be making about $2.7 million/season. That said, we’re guessing his lack of games last year hurts him substantially and should he keep playing he probably gets less than the $2 million he had to take last time around. Now the only RFA we’ll talk about for the Stars is Radek Faksa. The 23 year old centerman wasn’t exactly a point scoring machine but he managed to stick with the big club last year and his 33 points make him worth about $3.5 million a season. Given his RFA status though and the small sample size we are guessing he also takes something closer to $2 million/season.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Patrick Sharp $3.8M $4.0M 1 year
Ales Hemsky $3.5M $3.5M 2 years
Jiri Hudler $2.7M $1.7M 1 year
Radek Faksa $3.5M $1.7M 2 years
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2017 Free Agent Preview (CAL to DAL)

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