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2017 Free Agent Preview (DET to MIN)

As the 2016-17 NHL season concludes and NHL fans prepare for the opening of free agency Money Puck Systems wants to take the opportunity to review the most important free agents for each franchise and give fans our best guess as to what these players are worth and what they will actually get (obviously not the same thing all the time!).

Detroit Red Wings

After missing the playoffs for the first time in 25 years the Detroit Red Wings have a few key RFAs they will definitely want to sign in the offseason. At the top of this list has to be Tomas Tatar. The 26 year old Slovakian has been a major contributor for the Red Wings over the last few years and because of that we have a value of $4.8M/year on him. Given his RFA status he’ll probably get a little less than that but given his star power we’re guessing not much. The next RFA to look at is Andreas Athanasiou. The centerman had a good season last year scoring 29 points in only 64 games and because of those rates we’d place a value of $3.8M/season on Athanasiou. Because of the small sample size and his RFA status he won’t get that but he’s likely to be a bargain for the Red Wings for the duration of his next contract.

The last RFA we’ll look at is Xavier Ouellet. Ouellet played roughly 18 minutes a year last year for the Red Wings after having played a lot in the AHL the season prior. Should he manage to stick in the NHL and play those minutes he’d be worth $3.2M/season but of course his RFA status and the fact that he’s in and out of the AHL at this point we’d expect a contract closer to $1M/year. Lastly, the only UFA we’ll talk about, Drew Miller, is also due July 1st. We’ve got his value at around $2M/year but given his depth role he’s likely to accept another contract around $1M instead.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Tomas Tatar $4.8M $4.5M 4 years
Andreas Athanasiou $3.8M $2.0M 3 years
Xavier Ouellet $3.2M $1.0M 2 years
Drew Miller $2.0M $1.1M 2 years

Edmonton Oilers

Having taken a major step forward last season the Edmonton Oilers are no doubt trying to keep that moment going and to do that they’ll definitely be re-signing a number of their free agents in the offseason. Outside of extending Connor McDavid a year early (see our McDavid article for our opinion on his value), the top priority is undoubtedly Leon Draisaitl. After putting up 77 points last year it’s also not going to be cheap. Assuming Draisaitl keeps scoring like he did last year we would have a value of $7.3M/season on the young German and while his star power suggests he’ll get close to that we expect him to take a bit of discount on his RFA years and end up in the $6.7M/year range.

Outside of Draisaitl, the Oilers also had Kris Russell and Zack Kassian to re-sign and of course they got to it before we put out this blog. That said, we had Kris Russell at a value of $3.8M/year (really just because he plays a lot of minutes) so we weren’t surprised he got $4M/year and we had Kassian at $2.8M/year so we consider his contract just under $2M/year to be a good deal for the Oilers

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Leon Draisaitl $7.3M $6.7M 8 years
Kris Russell $3.8M Signed for $3.8M 4 years
Zack Kassian $2.8M Signed for $1.95M 3 years
Connor McDavid $11.5M $12.1M 8 years

Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers must have the oldest group of free agents we’ll look at this week with Vanek (33), Jagr (45) and Kindl (30) but they’re also a pretty valuable group. Vanek as an example put up 48 points in 68 games last year which means we’d value Vanek at $4.6M/season. He won’t get that due to the baggage around this player but we suspect someone will get a deal here. Jagr, despite his advanced age, is also still contributing, having put up 56 points last year! Unfortunately for Jagr that actually translates into a drop in pay to $4.1M/season but we suspect someone will still pay him $4.5M/year. Lastly, Jakub Kindl is coming off another season where he mixed in time in the AHL and although when he plays in the NHL he’d be worth about $2.8M/year we’d actually expect him to come in at or around the $2M/year he was making before.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Thomas Vanek $4.6M $3.5M 1 year
Jaromir Jagr $4.1M $4.5M 1 year
Jakub Kindl $2.8M $1.8M 1 year

Los Angeles

Not a whole lot of action for the Los Angeles Kings this offseason as their biggest fish, Tyler Toffoli, has already re-upped. For what it’s worth we had a value of $5.3M/season on Toffoli and were expecting a 4 year term so his $4.6M/year on a 3 year pact is a pretty good value in our eyes. The next most interesting free agent is someone we expect won’t be a King next year, Jarome Iginla. Iginla didn’t have a great year putting up only 27 points between Colorado and LA and so his value has continued to slide. At this point we only expect him to be worth $2.4M/year and that should make for some interesting conversations if he wants to keep playing. That said, given his pedigree we expect someone will likely overpay Iginla and he’ll probably get ~$3M/year. The only other free agent we’ll look at for the Kings is Nick Shore. The 24 year old RFA isn’t exactly a star but we’ve got him worth $2M/year. Given his RFA status we would guess he’ll take a little less though.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Tyler Toffoli $5.3M Signed for $4.6M 3 years
Jarome Iginla $2.4M $3.0M 1 year
Nick Shore $2.0M $1.7M 2 years
Mikhail Grigorenko $2.7M $1.5M 2 years

Minnesota Wild

Lots of interesting free agents to talk about for the Minnesota Wild! This offseason they have Mikael Granlund, Nino Niederreiter, Martin Hanzal and they recently lost Erik Haula to the Vegas Golden Knights. Of the group we’ve got Granlund pegged as the most value at $5.5M/year although he could be worth even more if he continues putting up ~70 points/season. That said, using his 3 year average scoring rates we’d have him at $5.5M/season. He’s also an RFA so despite the fact he might be worth more we expect he’ll get right around that number. Next another mid-20 year old with some scoring punch, Nino Niederreiter. After putting up 57 points last year we expect Niederreiter to be worth $4.6M/year on a 4 year deal. Again given that he’s on the upswing but also an RFA we expect that number to be more or less the contract.

A player that might be a bit of a bargain for someone is Martin Hanzal. The big centerman doesn’t score a ton but he’s still worth $4.6M/season in our eyes and although we expect he’ll get a raise from the $3.1M he was earning before we doubt he’ll get all the way to $4.6M. With respect to Erik Haula, obviously we’re late to the party but we had him at $3.4M/season. Given his RFA status it’s not all that surprising he took a little less than that with the Golden Knights at $2.75M/year.

Player MPS Value Expected Value Expected Term
Mikael Granlund $5.5M $5.5M 4 years
Nino Niederreiter $4.6M $4.5M 4 years
Martin Hanzal $4.6M $3.5M 2 years
Erik Haula $3.4M Signed for $2.75M 3 years
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2017 Free Agent Preview (DET to MIN)

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